Fall Weekend Getaways

I just got back from a week in Nashville with one of my girlfriends. We had a blast gittin’ our cowgirl on! Who wouldn’t? But not everyone has an entire week available in the fall for a vacation. If you’re looking for an autumn adventure and you only have a weekend or long weekend, what are some travel options?

The first thing you need to decide is how much time do you really have and how far are you willing to drive? If you stick to major highways and interstates, you can cover about 100 – 120 miles with a 2-3 hour drive. Over a long weekend, you might consider stretching your drive to 3 – 5 hours. That would get you 150 – 250 miles away from your starting point. Yes, I know Google Maps says the drive from Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA is 140 miles and takes only two hours, but that’s without gas stops, pee breaks and traffic. Be realistic about how much ground you can cover.

Secondly, who is going on your adventure? You and a couple of friends? You and your partner? You and your partner and your kids? You, your partner, your kids, and your family dog? As much as you believe Rusty is an integral part of your family, a spa resort may not agree with you. Who fits into the adventure you’re considering?

Check out this Trip Central quiz to determine what type of traveller you are. Better yet, encourage everyone you want to vacation with to do the questionnaire, too. What do you really want from a vacation? Are you and your travelling companions compatible? 

And money. There really isn’t a quiz for this one. The bottom line is how much can you comfortably spend so that you don’t come home feeling more stressed than when you went?

Once you have these criteria figured out, check out Trip Savvy’s October Festivals and Special Events

1. State Fairs often begin in late August and run through until Thanksgiving.  Check local Tourist Information sites for details.

2. The second full weekend in October is the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 

3. Hiawassee, Georgia is the site of the nine-day Georgia Mountain Fall Festival. Arts and crafts, musical performances and educational demonstrations abound.

4. The last weekend in October features the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue in – of course – Lynchburg, TN.

5. In mid-November, Venice, FL is home to the Chalk Festival, 3D illusions and fine art.

6. October 18th/19th is your opportunity to check out Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival, in Niceville, FL.  Big-name entertainers, pony rides, carnival food and kids’ games will keep your whole family amused.

As always, if you want to include a Crystal Kayak in your fall travel adventure, check out  www.crystalkayak.com for a list of places where these clear kayaks are available for rent.

What is on your autumn travel bucket list? Post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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