Holiday Travel Fit Tips

Some holidays are really vacations. We plan to go to a specific place to engage in a specific activity or activities. We come back from those holidays feeling energized and ready to hit the work world. On the other hand, some holidays are just an excuse to over-eat and take a break from our regular fitness routines. And many holidays involve travel; sometimes a lot of travel. Whichever type of holiday you take, you might want to include some exercise so you don’t have to start at ground zero when you return home.

Although many hotels have fitness rooms, many homes do not. So if you’re staying with family or friends while you’re away on holiday’s, you might find it difficult to keep up with a fitness routine. For very little financial investment, you can continue with your kayaking exercises by using resistance bands. Check out this YouTube video for some great work-outs.

– ‘No Money’
– Band Resisted Forward Raise
– Band Resisted Shoulder Press
– Band Resisted Lateral Raise
– Band Resisted Core Rotation
– Band Resisted Anti-Rotation Press
– Band Resisted Row

Even without resistance bands, you can maintain some of your fitness levels by keeping Justin and Lauren’s tips in mind:

– If possible, choose locations where you can get outside and breathe fresh air.
– Walk everywhere you need to go.
– Develop a yoga and/or stretching routine you can use anywhere.
– Before you leave home, book a personal trainer at your destination.

French kayaking champion, Nouria Newman, shares her Top 5 Essentials for Kayaking Exercises:

1. Build Fundamental Endurance

Maybe you’re not a hardcore, competitive kayaker, but building your endurance will help a lot if you find yourself paddling in a tougher area than you planned. Try running, swimming or biking.

2. Develop Strength

Working your arms and upper body will help you power over waves.

3. Work on Core and Abs

You really have very little strength or endurance without a well-developed core.

4. Balance is Essential

Like core strength, balance is an essential part of any exercise – especially paddling. This is an opportunity to work on fitness and balance balls.

5. Work Your Shoulders

Because shoulder tears and dislocations are very common among kayakers, it is imperative to develop good posture and tone shoulder muscles. Use some elastic bands to work your small shoulder muscles and put in some extra time for your external rotator cuffs.

Of course, if you’re in the right place at the right time, you could go kayaking while on holiday!

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There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from your fitness routine but sometimes a break can lead to completely falling off the wagon. Even on holidays, it’s best to get a least some exercise to maintain your kayaking fitness.

What are your go-to travel fit tips? Post a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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