Adventure Tips for Winter

There’s a good reason Monday is called “Blue Monday”. It has been nominated as the most depressing day of the year. Why? The afterglow of Christmas is completely gone, the bills from presents that should not have been purchased are accumulating at a fast pace, lots of people have failed to maintain their New Year resolutions for even a week and many of us are deep into cold, dark winter. All and all, it’s not a particularly cheerful time of the year.

So what are the options?  Well, you can turn into a couch by scarfing back even more carbs. You can drag yourself out of bed in the morning, stumble your way through work and drag yourself home at night. You can even pull the covers up over your head and vow not to leave your cocoon until the “red, red robin comes bob bob bobbing along”. The problem is, none of those options make winter go any faster. And not many of us really want winter to be longer than it already is.

What about an adventure? A winter adventure? 

TIP #1
Like anything else, attitude is the most important part of any venture or adventure. If you go into it thinking it’s not going to work, it probably won’t. But if you decide this might be a great way to bring some zing to winter and maybe make some new friends, it will probably be a more positive experience.

TIP #2
Immerse yourself in winter. Maybe you don’t have the funds to fly to Switzerland to ski the Alps, but by foregoing that store-bought coffee and snack every day, you can stash away a bit of cash to try cross-country skiing at a nearby venue. Many resorts have rental equipment so you don’t need to purchase skis and boots right away.

TIP #3
Make it a group activity. If you don’t have friends who are interested in trying a new winter adventure, check out your local outdoor clubs that plan group trips. If you’d like to stay at home and entertain your friends, check out chili and hot beverage recipes to pass around while you make use of the fire pit you built in your backyard last summer. MidwestLiving has a great article with tips for hosting an outdoor winter party.

TIP #4
Be prepared. There is nothing worse than being cold and wet in the winter.  It’s also dangerous. When you head outdoors – even for a 30-minute walk – dress in layers, wear boots that keep your feet warm and dry, and protect your skin from frostbite. For more information about skin and cold weather, check out this Mayo Clinic site.

TIP #5
If all else fails, grab your Crystal Kayak and head south to the sand and the heat. Or check out our website to find places to rent one of our see-through kayaks.

What are your best adventure tips for winter? Post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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