8 Person Towable - The "Multi-rider" Professional Series

8 Person Towable - The "Multi-rider" Professional Series

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8 Person Towable - The "Multi-rider" Professional Series by Spinera

The multi-riders are made from a particularly hard-wearing, 5-layer plastic fabric, which has proven itself in professional inflatable boat construction for decades for the toughest demands. This material is very UV-resistant and has low water resistance, which has ideal sliding properties.

All seams are double-glued with a two-component glue.

"No bag included"

Our line of professional series tubes is specially made for nautical bases. The tubes are made of tear-resistant high nylon. The inflatable inner part is made of 0.9mm PVC. All professional series tubes have a 0.8mm thick Tarpuline protection on the bottom. This reinforced and smooth PVC protection also reduces the boat's fuel consumption.

Measurements: approx. L 287 x W 52"
Gross Weight: approx. 97lbs
Max. air pressure: 0.25 bar
Max. loading: 1323lbs
Diameter: 14 / 24 / 14"
Max. traction: 6000 lbs
Gauge: 0.9 mm PVC
3-chamber security system "Spinera USA cares about your safety"
Packaging dimensions: 37"x26"x11"