Crystal Kayaks Clearly Better Vision With Amazon

October 17, 2019
Crystal Clear Kayaks; The Beginning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AMUj6NxZ08 Clear bottom kayaks have definitely been around for a while; having a little window at the bottom of your boat was the coolest thing since sliced bread! But at this time, most of the glass bottom watercrafts only had a little window along the bottom and in a kayak,…Read More

Road Trip Boredom Busters

October 9, 2019
Road trips are my fav! There’s not much that says ‘travel’ and ‘adventure’ like hopping into a car or truck and heading out onto the open road for a week – or maybe even a couple of weeks. But like books and movies, even really good road trips can get a bit tedious at times. That‘s why we…Read More

Beach Fun for the Family

October 4, 2019
If you’re reading this article you probably already know that vacationing Americans travel to the beach more often than anywhere else. Although they are a pretty close second, even mountains do not receive as many visitors as water destinations. And really – who doesn’t love the beach? The intoxicating smell of the ocean; sand between our…Read More

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