Grand Canyon Kayaking

September 4, 2019
River kayaking on any part of the Colorado, including the section that runs through the Grand Canyon in Arizona, is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re up for this ‘bucket list’ challenge, here are four things for you to consider. 1. COMMERCIAL or SELF-GUIDED The first thing you need to decide is…Read More

What is the Difference Between Canoeing and Kayaking?

August 12, 2019
If you are an adventurist who spends most of their time on the water, you have likely encountered this dilemma during your free time and have been faced with a decision that can shape your entire day on the water. Canoe vs. Kayak. This simple coin flip decision can seem inconsequential; however, your decision can greatly affect…Read More

What Types of Kayaking Accessories Are There?

August 8, 2019
“Essential” is kind of an interesting word because, to me at least, it is not so much the definition of the word but the context of the word that most defines it.  I’m not a “girly” girl, so the make-up I would put on my daily ‘essential’ list consists of lipstick and face cream.  To…Read More

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