Holiday Travel Fit Tips

January 16, 2020
Some holidays are really vacations. We plan to go to a specific place to engage in a specific activity or activities. We come back from those holidays feeling energized and ready to hit the work world. On the other hand, some holidays are just an excuse to over-eat and take a break from our regular fitness routines.…Read More

My Favorite Ways To Keep Warm In The Winter!

January 11, 2020
Several years ago my husband and I were into sailing big time. At the end of the season, a friend asked what we did in the winter. “Sit on the couch and pout,” replied my husband. It was true. We didn’t do a lot of activities in the cold months of the year.  But one day I…Read More

Kayaking Essentials for Beginners

November 19, 2019
Kayaking can be a wonderful way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is also a great sport for any beginner to learn. Like cycling, it’s relatively simple to pick up. Within a few hours, you’ll be happily paddling down the river! However, there are so many different types of kayaking – from flatwater kayaking…Read More

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