Kayaking Essentials for Beginners

November 19, 2019
Kayaking can be a wonderful way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is also a great sport for any beginner to learn. Like cycling, it’s relatively simple to pick up. Within a few hours, you’ll be happily paddling down the river! However, there are so many different types of kayaking – from flatwater kayaking…Read More

Fall Weekend Getaways

November 7, 2019
I just got back from a week in Nashville with one of my girlfriends. We had a blast gittin’ our cowgirl on! Who wouldn’t? But not everyone has an entire week available in the fall for a vacation. If you’re looking for an autumn adventure and you only have a weekend or long weekend, what are some travel options?…Read More

What to Wear on a Kayaking Adventure

November 7, 2019
Now, before you can even think about an outfit and what accessories to bring, you need to pick what kind of kayak you want to paddle in! Choosing a kayak for the first time is very difficult. There are so many options out there for various skill levels and kayaking adventures types. Being new to…Read More

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