Explore the world of Crystal Kayak, the premier manufacturer and distributor of commercial grade transparent kayaks. A clearly better way to be on the water.

Why Crystal Kayak

We believe that life's best moments happen on the water. So we created a kayak that lets you experience outstanding marine life and the gorgeous clear water destinations of the world, all from your Crystal Kayak.

Crystal Board Set of 10 by The Crystal Kayak Company - $999 Each! Crystal Board Set of 2 by The Crystal Kayak Company - $1399 Each! Crystal Board Set of 5 by The Crystal Kayak Company - $1199 Each! Crystal Explorer Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company - $1799! Crystal Explorer Kayaks Set of 10  by The Crystal Kayak Company - $1099 Each!

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Crystal Kayak Explorer

America's favorite hybrid kayak canoe. We dare you to try it out.

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Crystal Kayak Transparent Kayak-Canoe hybrid offers a unique viewing experience as the Lexan surface transforms the viewing area into a glass clear window to the underwater world below.

2-Year Warranty

All Crystal Kayaks are protected by an industry-leading 2-year factory warranty!

Includes All Accessories

Every Crystal Kayak includes 2 paddles and 2 seats. Don't need both seats? Simply remove a seat in less than 10 seconds.

No Shipping Charge!

Pick up your Crystal Kayak today from our warehouse in Deerfield Beach, FL -or- We can deliver your Crystal Kayak anywhere in the continental USA for as low as $99 (excluding Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico).

A-Rated BBB Company

Buy with confidence. Our product quality and customer service has earned us an A-level rating with the Better Business Bureau.