How to Assemble

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Crystal Kayak Assembly from Crystal Kayak on Vimeo.




1. VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE ORDERED MULTIPLE KAYAKS! Check to make sure the serial number on your frame matches the serial number on the hull. 

2. Insert the frame inside the hull and line it up with the holes. The frame should say FRONT SIDE UP.

3. Fasten the middle crossbar to the hull. The crossbar goes in the back holes.

4. Fasten the rest of the frame to the hull using the hand-knobs and eye bolts.

5. Tighten the straps to desired fit.   

6. Inflate the flotation bladders (they only need to be 60% full to function properly). Secure them to the hull of the boat with the elastics and clips. The eye bolts at the front and back of the kayak are secured with the provided washers, on either side of the Lexan, to prevent direct contact.   

7. Align the skeg assembly with the holes on the stern of the kayak. Attach the skeg with the bolts and washers and tighten with an allen key. 

8. Use the remaining elastic to secure the skeg. Thread it through the hole in the skeg and then loop it around the hand-knobs and use the black fasteners to tighten it.

9. To assemble the paddle connect the 2 metal pieces.

10. Enjoy your Crystal Kayak!