The Crystal Kayak Company’s Crystal Clear Vision with Amazon!

The Crystal Kayak Company’s Crystal Clear Vision with Amazon!

Crystal Clear Kayaks; The Beginning

Clear bottom kayaks have definitely been around for a while; having a little window at the bottom of your boat was the coolest thing since sliced bread! But at this time, most of the glass bottom watercrafts only had a little window along the bottom and in a kayak, the window was often obstructed by the second person.

That’s where our idea first came to light – why not make the whole kayak see-through?!

And so, The Crystal Kayak Company was born!

There was a lot of trial and error when creating The Explorer; we wanted to make the kayaks user-friendly – light, easy to maneuver and most of all crystal clear! When creating the hulls of our transparent kayaks, we decided to use repurposed airplane windshield material. Recycling and reusing a product that has no use anymore but will last the wear and tear of your crazy adventures is exactly what we needed.

The one thing that we were certain of when starting this business was choosing to work with Amazon. It was probably the best decision. They are geared to small businesses, like The Crystal Kayak Company, and have helped many of them become huge successes worldwide. Because of this, we have grown and dominated the crystal-clear kayak market.

Why a Transparent Kayak?

One question we always get is “why a see-through kayak?” – well, why not? The Crystal Explorer is like a HUGE snorkel mask, you can see everything below you! Don’t know how to swim? That’s okay! In a Crystal Kayak, you get the opportunity to get out on the water with all your friends and have fun! Being in a transparent kayak gives you the unique feeling of being in the water without actually being IN the water. You get to experience the world below you from a different perspective.
Another great feature of these crystal-clear kayaks is that you are becoming one with nature when you’re paddling. You can observe wildlife below you without disturbing their ecosystem. Watching how animals interact in the wild is an amazing experience; they are not in a zoo or an aquarium, they are in their natural habitat.

transparent kayak

Even if you are in crystal clear water in the Bahamas or a beautiful dark blue lake in Canada, seeing the world below you in fascinating – with or without seeing wildlife. It is a feeling that you will never forget.

See it all in a Clear Bottom Kayak!

On our latest trip to the Bahamas, we visited a gorgeous island known as Eleuthera. We saw SO much wildlife! From sharks to turtles to mermaids; it was a trip of a lifetime.

Paddling next to a 6ft Tiger Shark was crazy - although it was very nerve-racking. However, it was very reassuring to be able to see her at all times. This was only possible in the Explorer and it was definitely one of the coolest adventures yet!!

If you have not seen the video of our trip yet, be sure to check it out on our Facebook page – there are SO many more surprises!!