How Different is a Glass Kayak from an Opaque Kayak?

How Different is a Glass Kayak from an Opaque Kayak?

When is the last time that you were out on a kayak? For avid water sports enthusiasts, heading out on the water on top of a kayak is a relaxing and exciting adventure that provides ample opportunity to view sea life while connecting with nature. Until recently, this experience has been dominated by similar kayak designs featuring ergonomic opaque hulls that allow you to cut through the waves with ease. A new trend has hit the industry taking the concept of a glass bottom boat a little further; the clear see through kayak.

Glass Kayak

Glass Kayak Design

But how different is the experience in a transparent kayak versus and opaque kayak? Let’s take a look at the design specifications of the industry-leading Crystal Kayak Company's “Crystal Explorer”. This product acts more like a canoe-kayak hybrid built for stability in calm water settings than your traditional opaque kayak. The Crystal Explorer is made of is 100% Spanish GE Lexan, which makes it look like a glass kayak, providing an unparalleled viewing experience and acting as a window into the ocean life below.

Stability is a key part of the design of the Crystal Explorer as it appears to be designed to function comfortably for all users, despite experience level. While in a typical “sit-on-top” ocean kayak, users must have some understanding of how to roll the kayak as well as how to get back onto the kayak in case of an emergency. The high walls of the Crystal Explorer allow for much more stability and comfort while paddling. This clear kayak is not designed to roll in the water or be used in whitewater conditions; rather the design is to get out on the water and become one with nature.

Clear Kayak Adventures Are Like No Other

Whether you are looking for a thrill on the water, or just to simply observe nature, will determine which kayak type you are looking to purchase. For those looking to enjoy a clear kayak adventure, the best locations in the world for this event would be areas that are teeming with life. Simply paddle out to a scenic location and wait. Take advantage of the snorkel mask like viewing window to watch the sea life pass underneath. The hull of the Crystal Explorer flattens the surface ripples of the water making the view crystal clear.

Clear See Through Kayak

It would seem that the transparent kayak design is best suited for rental locations and resorts in high tourist destinations that are surrounded by excellent opportunities to view dolphins, whales, turtles and more, while not getting into the water. The transparent kayak industry has the ability to reach a whole new market of adventurists who are not quite comfortable getting into the water but would still enjoy observing and connecting to nature.

Whatever your focus is, it is worth it to experience both types of paddling adventures; both in a glass kayak or in a traditional opaque kayak as they both offer very different experiences. If you are traveling to a remote destination that has the Crystal Explorer available, then it is highly recommended you take advantage of this glass kayak adventure as it truly is an opportunity that belongs high on your bucket list.