Night Kayaking; Adventure Never Sleeps

Night Kayaking; Adventure Never Sleeps

Moonlight kayaking has always been a bucket list item for us at The Crystal Kayak Company but being able to do it in a transparent kayak is even better. 

Just picture it...going out under the stars, paddling with friends and family (no splashing tourists), seeing some of the coolest wildlife around such as glowing jellyfish or sometimes bioluminescence! It’s an adventure of a lifetime.

During our trip to Eleuthera, we had the amazing opportunity to go kayaking at night with all kinds of animals. From sharks to turtles, the world below you under the moonlight is incredible. Paddling with all our friends and family under the stars with glowsticks and music was incredible and a memory we’ll never forget.

Moonlight Kayaking

Transparent Kayak Moonlight Adventure

Now you’re probably all thinking that “why go night kayaking” - well why not?! Especially if you have access to one of our Crystal Explorer Kayaks, this is a must.

If you've never experienced this incredible adventure, lucky for you we have some amazing rental companies around the world that offer night kayaking;

1. A Day Away Kayak

During the months of November to May, get up close and personal with these amazing, bioluminescent Comb Jellies in the Indian River Lagoon. Paddle out in a Crystal Kayak and view the world below you light up.

2. Get Up and Go Kayaking

From June to October, paddle at night in a transparent kayak by the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge located in Florida. This area is home to many manatees and dolphins and they will most likely make an appearance during your trip!

3. Clearly Tahoe

All year long catch the sunset, gaze at the stars above or the amazing rock formations below, at this gorgeous lake in Nevada. Light up the night and the world below you with waterproof LED lights on your transparent kayak.

What to Bring on a Night Kayaking Adventure

We have come up with a fool-proof packing list for your midnight paddle in a transparent kayak. Even if you don't own a see-through kayak, this list will still work for you. You can take these items on any night kayak trip;

  • Bathing suit (of course!)
  • Snacks and water
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • GoPro or camera (there will be a lot of amazing moments that you’ll want to capture!)
  • Life jacket (safety first of course)
  • Lights to see in front and below you (we recommend glow sticks because they’re always fun!)
Always remember to bring lights when you paddle, although it would be cool to do it completely in the dark, it is for your safety. Bring them so that you can see where you are going, and so other boats can see you.
Night Kayaking

But the most important thing you’ll want to bring is your sense of adventure!! Although it can be scary to go night kayaking in a transparent kayak or any kayak for that fact, it will be an adventure that you’ll never forget.

So, have we convinced you yet to try a midnight paddle?!