What to Wear on a Kayaking Adventure

What to Wear on a Kayaking Adventure

Now, before you can even think about an outfit and what accessories to bring, you need to pick what kind of kayak you want to paddle in! Choosing a kayak for the first time is very difficult. There are so many options out there for various skill levels and kayaking adventures types. Being new to kayaking, you will most likely want to hang out in the calmer water and enjoy a leisurely paddle, so you must take this into consideration! 

For a first-time kayaker, we suggest a Crystal Kayak! If you love being one with nature, this is perfect. The Crystal Explorer model is great for new kayakers because the design of the hull is sturdy enough that you will not tip over. The kayak is wider and longer than the average kayak, making it a canoe-kayak hybrid. This hybrid makes it easier for new paddlers to maneuver and learn the few tips and tricks that come along with kayaking.


Now that you have your kayak picked out, you just have to figure out all the accessories you’ll need. Again, there are a ton of options!

The first dive you'll make into the accessory world is figuring out your kayaking outfit. There are many great websites full of information on the types of outfits you should be wearing while kayaking. The main thing most of these sites talk about, when it comes to choosing kayaking outfits, is to dress in layers.  All the experts agree that there are several aspects of weather to be aware of like the water and air temperature as well as how much sun will be a factor. Layers are important when choosing an outfit because they allow for you to change if something gets wet, or if the weather changes suddenly. 

Paddling.com gives a great mantra – “wick, warmth and weather”. They recommend light wicking fabric first, then warm insulating sweater and fleece, then a waterproof outer layer to protect from the elements. Cold weather kayaking presents another challenge as one must keep safe from hypothermia. For our cold-water kayaking enthusiasts, a few tips are to avoid cotton, as it soaks up water destroying the fabric’s ability to insulate the body.

Now that you have an idea of what to wear, get out and join the kayakers! If you hate the cold but are paddling with cold water kayaking enthusiasts, think of a big thermos of hot chocolate on a cold but sunny day; this may get you out on the water for an adventure!

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So, with all of this in mind, you’re probably thinking, what in the world should I wear on my feet? Kayaking footwear is a whole other category. Of course, in many places, you can get away with sandals or bare feet as your kayaking footwear. However, this is a crucial part of your outfit if you will be doing any cold-water kayaking or anything more then just a leisure paddle down the river. When choosing footwear, it seems the main thing about kayaking footwear versus transitional footwear is the material they are made from. Kayaking footwear is made mostly of neoprene and are flexible, allowing the foot lots a room to move when getting in and out of the kayak.

Well, now that you have all them important kayaking gear, you just need to get out on the water and try not to fall in!!