Where to go Kayaking in Florida in a Crystal Clear Kayak

Where to go Kayaking in Florida in a Crystal Clear Kayak

Kayaking in Florida is such a beautiful experience; seeing wildlife under the stunningly clear water is incredible. Florida is the hub for all watersports and one would think that it couldn’t get any sweeter, but it has with the incredible clear canoe kayak hybrid. This hybrid is also known as the Crystal Explorer Kayak!

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Where to go Kayaking in Florida?

There are so many beautiful locations all over the world but some of the most amazing locations are right here in Florida! If you live in Florida and you haven’t been to any of these locations or you are just here for a vacation, be sure to make the time to get out and go paddling.

Below are only a few of the many rental locations in Florida that offer amazing adventures. These ones, in particular, carry the famous crystal clear kayak! Check them out and let us know if you’ve ever been or if you’re planning on going!

Destin Clear Kayaks

Clear kayaks can make your Destin vacation a memory of a lifetime. Take out one of their Clear Canoe Kayak hybrids to experience the underwater world from a different perspective. Located in the heart of Destin, FL near the Harbor Walk Village, Destin Clear Kayak Rentals are available on a daily basis. Go dolphin watching or paddle into the sunset in one of their Crystal Explorer Kayaks!

Tropic Water Sports

Explore miles and miles of crystal-clear waters in Key Largo, Florida. Paddle the open ocean or venture into the waterways and mangroves of Dove Creek. Explore gorgeous clear waters of Key Largo and view a vast array of sea creatures below the surface in one of the Crystal Kayak Company’s Clear Canoe Kayaks!

Jupiter Outdoor Center

Chose from not only one, but two beautiful locations in Jupiter, FL. Paddle at the Jupiter Lighthouse or Riverbend Park. The bonus at these two beautiful is that they can get you into a crystal clear kayak. Whether you want to explore the tea-colored winding river full of lush tropical plants and wildlife, or paddle in the clear blue water around the lighthouse; Jupiter Outdoor Center has it all. Paddle all day with your family and friends or go for a quick hour-long paddle.

With the abundance of spectacular, beautiful locations in Florida you can never go wrong no matter where you decide to go on your adventure. Whether you prefer calm creeks, lakes, rivers, mangroves or out in the wide-open ocean, Florida has it all and is a must for any type of adventure!

Not only is kayaking a great adventure, especially at one of these amazing locations, but these rental locations also offer many other watersports for you to try! From jet-skis to stand-up paddleboards to paddle boats, you will never run out of fun things to do! But, as mentioned above, they do offer the best kind of kayak – the Crystal Kayak. So why not make your experience #ClearlyBetter with us!