Start Your Own Crystal Kayak Business

The Crystal Kayak Company is growing and we want to work with YOU!

Does this sound like you?

I live in a unique travel destination that is my own paradise. I have been dreaming of becoming my own boss and having the freedom to live life my way. I love being out on the water and becoming one with nature.

Or maybe you are already spending your time out on the water and renting standard kayaks and paddle boards. You know in your heart that your clients want and deserve more. You haven't been able to identify the best option yet, but you know there's a #clearlybetter option out there...

If you just read that and thought, THAT'S ME! Then you are perfect to join the Crystal Kayak distributor and rental program and to start earning enough money to become your own boss and to live the life you have always dreamed of.

 Need to be 100% sure that this program is for you? Check out this video.


Our partners are passionate about water sports and providing outstanding experiences for anyone who wants to get out on the water. It's not just about the product, it's about the feeling that you get when you see the look of pure joy on the faces of paddlers after they come back from a day on the water. If that gets you excited, there are two programs that could be perfect for you.

Start your own Rental Business

Crystal Kayaks on the sand and a margarita in your hand. That's the life.

Rental businesses that offer the Crystal Kayak product line see an average of 35% more profits than other rental businesses. The math? It's simple:

Would you rather rent a standard opaque kayak for $30 per hour? Or rent a Crystal Kayak or a Crystal Board for $50 per hour? It's a no-brainer.

To get you started we have put together this amazing package that has been used by rental companies all over the world. The Crystal Kayak Rental Starter Kit includes: 

5 Crystal Kayaks including everything you need to get your clients out on the water: 2 aluminum paddles, 2 seats, 2 floatation pouches, a 2 year manufacturers warranty and skeg.

Set of 2 Crystal Boards including: 2 adjustable fibre glass paddles, 2 ankle tethers and skegs

The Crystal Kayak Accessories Kit: FREE for first time buyers

The total value of this package is over $10,000. As a first time buyer you get this entire package for just $9,793 + Shipping.  

Here's how you will make your money and be profitable in just two months:

You Rent:

3 kayaks per day @ $50 per rental x 60 days = $9,000

1 board rented per day @ $40 per rental x 60 days = $2,400

That means your investment is paid off within 60 days AND you are now making profit on every rental.

Want to learn more about how this program works? Download our Crystal Kayak Rental Business Brochure here:


Interested in adding Crystal Kayaks to your Product line? You could join our many distributors who are looking to sell or dropship the Crystal Kayak product line to their clients all over the world

Our distributors benefit from:

Low inventory costs as we house all of the products within our warehouse in Deerfield Beach Florida

Access to global shipping lanes out of Miami Florida

Hundreds of images and video's featuring the Crystal Kayak product line, ready to be embedded on your site

Decades of industry knowledge in sales, marketing, product launch and business strategy

A client base that is active and excited to buy these products

To become a distributor of Crystal Kayak product lines, you must first apply using the form here: 


We have had the most fun of our lives starting The Crystal Kayak Company and serving thousands of clients all over the world. Want to know where it all started? Hear from our founders here:

Hear from the experts: Get up and Go Kayaking has grown every year with over 15 locations across Florida.

It's time to take action and start your own business with the Crystal Kayak Company