Start Up Business Opportunity

Start your own Crystal Kayak Rental Business using our powerful partner applications.

The Crystal Explorer is being noticed around the world with millions of views. You can take advantage of this brand power by setting up your own Rental Business. Not sure how it works? Here's a great place to get started:

The Product

Start with 10 Sets of the hottest item on water today: the Crystal Explorer.  Your clients are going to love the experience they get when they rent your Crystal Explorer and hit the water. You will have the advantage over the rest of the market by offering an experience that is unlike any other.

 The Online Presence

Our website development team is ready to create an online experience for your clients that helps showcase your brand and the partnership with the Crystal Kayak Company. You don't need to be a web designer. Helping promote your brand and get you started is our job.

The Marketing

We will continuously improve the Crystal Kayak Brand so that your clients always know that they are getting a one of a kind experience and not settling for any knock offs. Your focus is on your clients; our focus is on you.

The Cost

Start your own Crystal Kayak Rental Business for as low as $10,000 + shipping of the Kayaks. This price includes:

10 Crystal Explorers with Paddles, Seats and Floatation Devices

Marketing and connected authorized partner mention through

Email: for more information.